1. payment will be made within 72 Hours of due payment date. Customers can only contact the company after 72 Hours of delayed payment.

  2. In case of unforeseen circumstances, whereby the company is no longer able to meet up payment of clients, the company will have to return the     initial capital invested by the customers within the space of one (1) month.

  3. The initial capital invested by customers is non- refundable until due date of payment.

  4. If a customer registers through an agent, the customer is not permitted to channel any complain directly to the company. All complains should go to the agent in this case.

  5. Customers are only permitted to invest with their spare income not borrowed money or money meant for immediate expense.

  6. All investment above 5 million Naira goes under a long term investment pattern.

  7. These agreements will only take effect when payment by customer has been confirmed.

  8. If a customer is being registered through an agent, the agent will automatically have right to sign this agreement on the clients behalf if  client is far or cannot be reached physically.

  9. The customer must sign below else, investment becomes invalid.


I,——————————————————————————————– Hereby agree to the terms and conditions of EFINC GLOBAL INVESTMENT LTD(R)







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